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Festive Food for you to enjoy

Some tasty, and pretty healthy festive food ideas …

Whether I want a tasty supper, or a festive party dish that won’t be a repeat of what others take (or bring) to share, then this hot broccoli dip recipe is a favourite.


I have even found someone who liked it but declared they didn’t like broccoli! For lunch today we are having this with jacket potatoes.


Hot Broccoli Dip

350g/12oz broccoli, chopped – I use the stalk finely chopped too


1  onion, finely chopped


1 red pepper, deseeded and finely chopped


2 cloves garlic, pressed, or finely chopped. You can add more if you are into garlic like me!


55g/2oz Parmesan cheese, grated

225g/8oz cheddar cheese, grated


8 tbsp. crème fraiche

8 tbsp. mayonnaise


ground black pepper


  • Preheat oven to 200 C/gas 7

  • Add half the Parmesan cheese to the other ingredients and mix well.

  • Spoon into an ovenproof dish, sprinkle over the remaining cheese and bake for approx. 30 minutes until golden and bubbling.

For a festive buffet, or with drinks, serve with:

Baked Pitta Crisps:

Wholemeal pitta breads

  • split each pitta bread into half horizontally

  • cut into triangles using a pizza cutter or sharp knife

  • arrange in a single layer on a baking tray

  • bake 8-10 minutes until lightly browned

 A festive platter arrangement is also easy to do:


For pudding today, we are having apple crumble – I still have lots of apples from our garden harvest to use, but a more seasonal one is this oaty pud. You can do this in any dessert or even drinking glasses (even plastic party wine glasses, so it doesn’t matter if you get all your glasses back or are worried about broken glass!)

You can also add some whisky to make it even more festive.

Helen’s Quick Healthy Festive Desert

100g/4oz medium oatmeal

500g live, Greek-style yoghurt

3 tbsp. clear honey

150g/5oz blueberries

150g/5oz raspberries

  • Spread oatmeal in an even layer on a baking tray and toast in oven or under the grill until browned. Be watchful as it can easily burn! Leave to cool completely.

  • Mix yoghurt with honey and toasted oatmeal, until completely combined

  • Layer berries with yoghurt mixture in glasses, finishing with a few berries.

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    These recipes contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fibre, and healthy bacteria, to make our bodies happy.

    Adding as much fruit, vegetables, and whole grains to puddings can really help keep us healthy, as well as enjoying festive food. Cheers!

    Bake, Eat and Be Merry